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This is where I try to be a food blogger and fail miserably

Pictures. Photos. Illustrations. I ain’t got none.

Don’t let that double negative fool you. Seriously, I have no photos in this blog.

How the heck can you have a food blog post and not insert photos? Ah, see, that’s where the “failed miserably” part comes in. Truth? I have one photo and I swear you will thank me for it later.

But back to the food blogging. I have this brownie recipe that is the bomb dot com. I cut it out from the side of a King Arthur Flour bag a couple of years ago. If you like fudgy brownies (cake brownies, pffft…if you want cake, then make a cake!) this is the recipe for you. If you don’t like brownies, then…*blinks*…Why are we friends again?

OK. Fudgy. Brownies. From. Heaven. This is the best recipe and don’t go clicking over at KAF for this recipe. The online version is different. Trust me on this. Trust.

With no brown sugar for chocolate chip cookies, the kids and I decided to make brownies. As I was rummaging through grabbing ingredients, a can of dulce de leche in the pantry called out to me (in Spanish, of course). That’s when I had my Joey moment – Dulce de Leche Brownies!!

I prepared the recipe as instructed and for the last step I dolloped teaspoonfuls of DdL on the top of the brownies (about every 2 inches or so), then swirled it in with a knife.

Oh. My. Dad. Prepare yourself for the world’s most awesome brownie.

As promised. The world’s most divine brownie recipe. It definitely lives up to its name. Oh and if you like molten lava cake, then scoop these out when they are still hot and eat with ice cream.

Your welcome.


Tell me what you want/what you really, really want

I’m a total wannabe.

I look at sites like Foodgawker and other foodie blogs and have this deep down desire to be a food blogger. I mean, the job has everything I love: food (duh!), photography, a great sense of community and internet-wide exposure. (OK I don’t ‘love’ internet-wide exposure but it sure is nice, especially when you’re trying to make a living with this writing thing.)

Then I read the blogs and totally change my mind. So. Much. Work. I barely have time to make a recipe once, much less multiple times for the most perfect outcome. Then it’s the photo shoot. Props. Lighting. Patience. Oh my! I want to take a nap just thinking about it.

So I’ll hang out here and talk about my personal brand of randomness. Maybe, just maybe I’ll treat you all to a foodie blog one day. But I need a nap first.