What is MJD?

Everyone has at least one: The catch-all spot where stray puzzle pieces, bits of school supplies, takeout soy sauce packets and book matches hibernate until needed.

It’s the home junk drawer; the one space in your home where clutter is completely permissible.

Let’s face it, nothing conjures more household mysticism than the junk drawer.  Missing die for Yahtzee? Pink packet of sweetener for Auntie June? Extra key to that diary you had when you were 6? Some random bit to keep your day flowing? It’s all guaranteed to be in this designated spot.

While my home junk drawer is definitely magical, I’m not going to talk about its contents in this blog. Not only would that be dreadfully boring, but I would probably run out of things to talk about in a couple of months.

‘Junk Drawer’ is the concept for my random, tangential writing style with the plan to focus on a myriad of topics. Food? Yep. Kids/parenting? Sure. Photography? Probably. Music?  You got it. Books? Hell yeah! Celebrities? Eh, maybe.

So stick around and keep checking back. I promise a little something for everyone.

And just so I don’t disappoint those of you hoping to score a peek of my junk, here’s a photo. Enjoy!


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