Summer of Music

Forget the dog days of summer, for me it was the music days of summer. Two shows within two weeks. All that live music made me giddy, except for the fact that both shows were outside. In the sweltering heat. In 100% humidity. UGH.

First up, Matt Nathanson. Love, love, love the guy. Have been a Matty fan since the early 00s. There were youngin’s in the audience so it was a very PG show. Honestly, I sometimes like those shows better since it’s more comical to see him correct himself and get very creative with his word choice. I can tell having a child has curbed his swearing. Not nary an F-bomb slip up.



His name on the drum kit. I can remember a time when he didn’t even have drums at his show.

The setlist was mostly LotGP, with some Modern Love tunes and the lone oldie (ha!)…Suspended. My seat, was FAB. I sat 5th row center and although the setting sun probably brought on some minor skin damage to the left side of my face, it was only for a few minutes.



The weather was HOT. Like Africa hot. With all the dancing and moving I sweated through my clothes and so did Matt. He kept describing it like playing in soup. And it was like that. His tweet afterwards showing the aftermath of playing in soup was weak, so I did what any good fan girl would do, tweeted him a TRUE soup photo.



Then he retweeted and posted it on FB. Night? Made.


A couple of weeks later M and I went to the Youngblood Hawk/Walk the Moon show. Hey, wasn’t that the Panic! At the Disco show? Yes, but we didn’t stay for them.



We had so much fun. Again with the dancing. Again with the sweating through clothes. It was worth it though. WtM really know how to put on a show. In the beginning we were a handful of people standing, singing, cheering, and dancing. By the end, everyone was on their feet dancing.



They sang two new songs. One I recorded. The other I didn’t because I was being too much of a spazz and can’t record, dance, and sing at the same time. (call me old fashioned!) All the other songs were the usual suspects from their album, minus the slower introspective songs (Iscariot, I’m looking at you!).


M loved the show. And she loved hanging with her mom, even if I did dance like a freak all night.

No more concerts for me. At least for awhile. I was able to afford these tickets because I bought them in the spring when I had money. Times are tougher now. Hopefully we can score some free tickets to the next big show in town.


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