Getting Paid to Junk

My junk in it's prime.

My junk in it’s prime. I particularly love the animal brush full of rabbit hair. :dies:


I get roughly 12 magazines a month in the mail. I barely have time to read half of them (luckily they are all free subscriptions), but manage to flip through them at least once.

My latest subscription is for Family Fun magazine. We’ve been on-off subscribers for years; I love the magazine, it’s just so expensive lately. So when I found a free 2 year subscription, I jumped on it. First issue came about a week ago.

We usually get mail right before lunch, so I flipped through while I was eating. Oh the ideas. Oh the amazingly, awesome ideas. Crafty goodness, and games and recipes, oh my! Now, I’m creative, but I will never be Family Fun creative. So I really inhale all the ideas and tips. And the readers typically come up with some good stuff too.


I stopped on an article full of familiar subject matter: The junk drawer. Yes, someone got paid to write an entire page article on the genius of creating a junk drawer. Although theirs was dedicated solely to game pieces and puzzles and the like. Oh want a wonderous, innovative idea. A junk drawer.

Really. Someone got paid for writing about putting stuff in a junk drawer. Not the kind of creative, unheard of content I’m used to reading, Family Fun.

And no, I’m not bitter because someone else beat me to the punch. I was just hoping for more from a magazine I hold in such high esteem. Moreover (I love saying that word), what kind of house do these people live in where the concept of the junk drawer is completely new? Because, I’d like to live in that house-slash-hire their maid service.

If junk drawers are revolutionary to the Family Fun crowd, I can’t wait to see what’s on tap for next issue. Buying in bulk saves money? I saved my oldest child’s clothes so my younger one could wear them? We turn off the water while we’re brushing our teeth to save resources?

Bring it on, FF.





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