It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

No. Not Christmas. (Although that’s wonderful too.)

It’s Craftober!!

Shhhh…It’s a real season. Don’t believe me? I dare you to drive to a Joann’s, Michaels or Hobby Lobby parking lot and find a close parking space. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


(in Oprah voice) CRAFT-OBER!

This Crafty Gal likes to get down during Craftober. I own more colors of felt than crayons in a box. Embroidery thread? Got hundreds of strands. Fabric and hoops and glitter, oh my! Looking for a crafting book in my city library? Sorry, I checked them all out and they won’t be back on the shelf for weeks.

Because it’s CRAFTOBER!

Made a trip to my local Joann’s this past Sunday for a few more things. Right now, I’m in the dreaming stage — dog-earing pages in my books, making patterns, culling my stockpile, deciding what to make, getting the stuff I need. This year’s crafting budget is very slim. Luckily my favorite supplies are sold in the 4/$1 range.

In a few weeks, I hope to turn all of this:

And this:

I’ve had these giant bottlecaps for years. I’m making something with them this year!

Into stuff like this:

Owl iPod pouch. Made this last night while watching a movie. Multitasking. I haz it.

Happy Craftober to you all!



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