What’s all this junk?

Before there were digital cameras or Wiis or even DVDs, there was junk. And it was good. And Lo, the Lord spake that it should be contained in its own receptacle…

Sorry for getting all Biblical about my junk. Today had me really thinking about my blog and most importantly, the meaning of its name.

Twelve years ago, I lost my best friend. She was the north star to my Columbian voyage, the troop leader to my Brownie Scout, the peanut butter to my jelly.

My Mom.

One of my best memories was a few months after I was married. My husband’s birthday was right before the holidays and my mom was a little flustered (I’m guessing) that she didn’t remember his birthday.

When we came over sometime around his birthday, my mom gave him a white shirt box. In mom’s typical fashion, it wasn’t wrapped (our gifts were always wrapped in the shopping bag they came home in) or even taped together. When he opened it…

Oh the cornucopia of junk that flowed out of that thing: Salt packets, rubber bands, dice, twist ties, plastic forks and many, many random items.

Noticing his expression she said, “Surprise! Now you have your own junk drawer starter kit.”

Now, my husband being the awesome guy he is countered in a way only he could.

He presented my mother with a wreath adorned with all that junk as a Christmas present.

She proudly hung it on the door for months.


I really miss her.


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