I’d hold that, but my hands are full.

We’re loud. We’re silly. We’re busy. We’re messy (sorry!) Someone is ALWAYS talking.

My big family: Four kids, two adults and one soft and furry rabbit.

Child number four is only 3 months old but in that short time I’ve gotten used to the sympathetic smiles and the ubiquitous, “Looks like you have your hands full.”

Wait. No I haven’t. So here’s my open letter to those who feel the need to say something when I’m out and about.


Dear Captain Obvious,

You know what, I do have my hands full. Thanks for pointing that out. Without you I wouldn’t realize that A. I have two hands and B. they have eight. And since I’m not an octopus or a spider or a millipede, I will always have my hands full.

If your sly remark is meant to shame me in to feeling embarrassed about my brood, think again.

  • This restaurant has high chairs and kids menus, so no, we’re not in the wrong place.
  • My kids have four different minds and four different personalities, of course everyone wants to do something different. It’s my place to teach them how to compromise.
  • What’s your vice? Now imagine being trapped in a place with that thing and not being able to touch, taste or feel it. Kinda sucks, right? Kids hate that too, that’s why God invented the dollar section at Target.
  • You should probably circle the parking lot for a different space. I’m not moving for at least another seven minutes.
  • As long as they are clean, dressed and fed don’t worry about me. That’s enough to make me happy.

So Captain, next time you see a “big” family, smile and give Mom or Dad the thumbs up because we need all the encouragement we can get. Now where is that girl’s shoe…


Mom of four



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  1. I have no idea who this person is, but I did enjoy this blog so much! It is a mirror-description of my daughters –Pam;s children are older now, but she had her hands full when they were small, with four children, a huge dog, goldfish and all the other paraphanalia that four kids collect! they are older now and I never hear her say “boy, I wish they were small again”!!! And then the other daughter is going through the age of two small kids plus two teenagers. No matter where they go, the little one screams like a banshee at nothing… Other people have all kinds of advice for her, None that help much! Amazing how much “help” ( in the form of advice) Mothers get. But nobody tries to help Mom find that lost shoe, or open the door to help Mom get the stroller through the door. I think there must be a special section of Heaven set aside for Moms who went through this! It would be the area with balloons, chaise lounges, many flowers, and ice-cold lemonades!

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