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Why I will never put Hallmark out of business

Besides family, religious meaning and the presents, Christmas means so much more to a wannabefoodiecrafty gal like me. It means lots and lots of baking and crafting! And hopefully some cold weather days thrown in the mix (in FL you never can tell).

For the wannabefoodiecrafty gal (WFCG, for short) the season starts eaaarrrrllly. When Joann’s starts merching their seasonal stuff in September, the planning and decision making begins. What am I going to make? Who am I going to make stuff for? When can I get all this done?

I started thumbing through some of my crafting books and supplies last month. My son was being his usual nosy self, peeking over my shoulder. Immediately the cross stitch pattern of a train ornament caught his attention. Throughout all his begging and pleading a grand crafty idea was born.


Not just any handmade ornaments, but special ornaments that focus on each one of my kids’ interests, milestones, etc. in 2011. It’s like Etsy meets Hallmark without all the cranky old lady kitsch.

First ornament is complete. the train cross stitch looks great. The sewing, eh, I’m still learning (see: ganked up stitches in the second photo). Most important thing is that my son is excited about his ornament and can’t wait to hang it on the tree.

I’m currently working on felting a saxophone for my oldest daughter (her band instrument) and something ballerina themed for my youngest daughter who LOVES dancing. My hope is to be completed with these two the day after Thanksgiving so that we can hang our special ornaments on the tree that night.

Who knows. I may even give Hallmark a run for their money, but probably not.


Sliding Door Sneakers

Fate. Serendipity. God’s hand. Whatever you call it, I truly believe in it.

One of the things I obsess about is my decision making. Being a religious person I attempt to listen to God and hope that I make the decision that falls into ‘The Great Plan’ he’s laid out for me and my family. And sometimes those heavenly nudges aren’t very clear cut at all. In fact some of them are down right frustrating.

Enough of the righteous gobbledy-gook, let me illustrate my point…

We awoke Monday morning to wet streets, soggy grass and grumpy attitudes. It all came to a head when I asked my son to find his shoes, five minutes before we needed to leave for school. A thorough topsy-turnover of the house produced no sneakers (his ONLY school shoes).

Five minutes later, he had the brilliant idea that his sneakers were somewhere outside. Sure enough, seconds later he produced two of the wettest shoes on the planet. With no time to dry them we had to go with plan B, which were his ratty sneakers from this summer that barely fit.

I was fuming. It was late, raining and traffic was going to be a monster. As I approached the base of the bridge/overpass to make the left turn to his school’s neighborhood there was a six car accident with rescue squad and police just arriving on the scene.

An accident that in all likelyhood could have happened five minutes before. An accident that we could have been in, if it weren’t for the missing shoes.

I apologized* to my son for being upset about the shoes and promised to go shoe shopping that afternoon so that he would always have 2 pairs of shoes for school.

The whole way home I thought about the shoe incident over and over. It wasn’t as simple as my son forgetting his shoes outside. It was definitely more than that. Fate/God’s Hand definitely played a part.

For those of you not overly religious, this is one of those Sliding Doors moments:

  • Missing shoes = no car accident = us going on with our everyday lives.
  • IF the shoes were nice and dry in the house = car accident = no car = possible injuries = money problems.

So next time something gets you frustrated and you’re running late or things aren’t going your way, be thankful. This is God’s/Fate’s way of preventing something terrible down the line.

Oh…and my son is now the proud owner of the current wet/dry sneakers as well as two other pairs!

*Any time we have a disagreement or the kids get lectured in the mornings, I ALWAYS apologize before they get out of the car. It’s a good way to restart the morning and hopefully allows them to have a good day.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself

Yesterday I posted about my innate ability to procrastinate about everything, even my kids costumes. There was a lot of franticness, fur flying and swearing as I tried the non-sewing method of getting fabric to fuse (BTW, Stitch Witchery does not fuse felt on to faux fur).

At 1:00 I finally gave up and hoisted the sewing machine out of the closet. Thirty minutes later, I had the dang thing threaded and was ready to go.

I can officially say I can sew a semi-straight line, thread a sewing machine needle and could possibly make something using straight stitches (pillows or curtains, maybe?).

The sad part of all of this is that the faux fur leg warmers I made were not used. The costumes look good without them.

Sewing machine? Fear conquered.