The fur is a flyin’

Last week I blogged about conquering my fears via using a sewing machine. Yeah…I don’t have time for that now. It’s T-minus 5 hours and I have to pull together an Ewok as well as Remy (from Ratatouille). So I’m snipping and stitch witching to create some leg warmers and fur bits for the kids to wear tonight. Luckily it will be in the low 60s tonight which is PERFECT To’T-ing weather in FL.

I’m totally covered in faux fur right now but finding the humor in it all. The flying fur reminded me of this Kids in the Hall gem. Probably one of my most favorite KitH skits of all time. Enjoy as I crazily pull these together this afternoon.


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  1. Your website was blocked at my workplace today. Category: R Rated.

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