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The fur is a flyin’

Last week I blogged about conquering my fears via using a sewing machine. Yeah…I don’t have time for that now. It’s T-minus 5 hours and I have to pull together an Ewok as well as Remy (from Ratatouille). So I’m snipping and stitch witching to create some leg warmers and fur bits for the kids to wear tonight. Luckily it will be in the low 60s tonight which is PERFECT To’T-ing weather in FL.

I’m totally covered in faux fur right now but finding the humor in it all. The flying fur reminded me of this Kids in the Hall gem. Probably one of my most favorite KitH skits of all time. Enjoy as I crazily pull these together this afternoon.



I’ve never purchased anything from Shutterfly other than photo prints. I thought I would try out getting a photo mug, especially since I had a free code for one. I think it turned out cute (of course I’m a bit biased considering the subject matter).

This should make a great birthday present for my father-in-law.

She’s crafty…

I’m a little bit crafty. I can scrapbook, cross stitch and embroider. I’ve also altered a few things in my day. I create a Halloween and Christmas wreath every year. Made my own Christmas cards too. But there’s one crafty thing that scares the beejesus out of me…S-E-W-I-N-G.


Isn’t that just silly? A modern-day homemaker scared of sewing?? I mean, I have all the markers of a sewing afficianado:

1. My mom sewed. My clothes.

2. I used to sew Barbie clothes on My First Singer sewing machine when I was 9.

3. I LOVE crafting. Joann’s is my church, yo.

4. I own a sewing machine (still in the box, but whatev)

5. I own more yards of fabric than any non-sewing woman should.

What the heck is my problem? Why haven’t I taken up the machine? The answer is simple…that &*$(*% bobbin gets me all the time. And that fast moving needle?!? I freak out thinking that I’m going to sew my fingers to my project. (YUM!)

Dumb…dumb…dumb. A grown woman should not fear these things.

This is going to help me conquer my fears (hopefully):

This is probably the world’s most awesome craft book ever. There’s a good mix of sewing and non-sewing projects with lots of Wookie representation (the Chewbacca jack o’ lantern ALONE makes this purchase worth it). There’s one project in particular that caught my daughter’s eye and inspired her Halloween costume this year.

I present to you the Ewok Hat:

Any Star Wars fangirl/boy knows that the Ewoks were L-A-M-E. But the heart wants what the heart wants. And she wants to be an Ewok for Halloween. So I’m embarking on project Halloween costume this week. Hopefully she won’t have to go as an Ewok with finger attachments on the hat.

Wish me luck!

Tell me what you want/what you really, really want

I’m a total wannabe.

I look at sites like Foodgawker and other foodie blogs and have this deep down desire to be a food blogger. I mean, the job has everything I love: food (duh!), photography, a great sense of community and internet-wide exposure. (OK I don’t ‘love’ internet-wide exposure but it sure is nice, especially when you’re trying to make a living with this writing thing.)

Then I read the blogs and totally change my mind. So. Much. Work. I barely have time to make a recipe once, much less multiple times for the most perfect outcome. Then it’s the photo shoot. Props. Lighting. Patience. Oh my! I want to take a nap just thinking about it.

So I’ll hang out here and talk about my personal brand of randomness. Maybe, just maybe I’ll treat you all to a foodie blog one day. But I need a nap first.