Mr. Watson, come here. I have lockjaw.

Circle the correct description for this photo:

a. Sanford & Son starter kit
b. A million gleaming tetnus shot needles
c. Recycling bin renegade
d. Telephone

My 6-year-old son found this old rusted can in the yard this weekend. His immediate reaction to unearthing this beauty…let’s make a telephone out of it.

My husband’s immediate reaction…let’s make a CORDLESS telephone out of it. Meaning, no assembly required; instant fun accomplished.

Most of you will read this and have a couple of different reactions: 1. Your husband isn’t very handy if he can’t tie string to a can OR 2. You live in a polio pit of germy nastiness.

MY reaction to the whole tin can phone business, how did my 6-year-old know about this? It’s not like you see SpongeBob and Patrick using tin can telephones.

However he came up with this idea, I’m grateful for one thing (well, many things actually but for the purpose of this blog, just the one). In this Wii/smartphone/300+ channel world, my kid doesn’t need technology for fun. He can make his own fun with found treasure from our backyard.


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  1. This makes me think of The Boxcar Children. I know you’re too young to know who they are, but I loved their books when I was a kid. For some reason, they made me want to live in a boxcar, dig in a dump for stuff, and drink out of a chipped tea cup. Kuddos for Max for being so imaginative!

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